Now that the dust has settled, we turned to some of the DesignMarch visitors and designers and, well, ourselves and asked, what did you enjoy most?

Designer Hrafnkell Birgisson

What I enjoyed the most was on the one hand to experience how the Iceland Design Center has managed to establish the Design March as one of the most important cultural celebrations in Iceland. And this has happened only within three years!

At the other hand I was really excited about the great work and initiative of the new generation of product designers that has emerged from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. This will bring a bright future for developed industry and cultural activity in Iceland and it should contribute to a better image and more versatile economy.

Festival Director Greipur Gíslason, Iceland Design Centre:

I really enjoyed the wide, varied scope of the program! I especially liked the projects that made the city alive and used the city spaces in new, creative ways – like Skyr Konfekt in the towery kiosk, bringing life to Laekjartorg or KRADS with the Lego installation in the Reykjavik Art Museum.

Project manager Kristin Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland Design Centre:

“My favourite was the beautiful uplifting spirit of all the participants in DesignMarch – and this blog! Unfortunately I missed some of the events, so it was really nice to get to the atmosphere through the blog anyway. I was inspired by the lecture series on Thursday, and missed one of my favourites, ATTIKATTI, but will visit them soon.”

Artist Huginn Arnason:

I am going to name a few heavyweight events that used the occasion of Hönnunarmars to the extreme:

Vík Prjónsdóttir’s performative process of scarf production in the new/old Laugarvergur 6, the launch of the Skyrkonfekt from Stefnumót Hönnuða og Bænda and its perfect choice of venue by using the little tower on Lækjartorg where it felt like you were eating the tower while biting into the chocolate shaped like an utter.

Both events implied the notion of a “gesamt kunstwerk” or total design; where every aspect comes into play, but they also suggested a different approach for using these particular spaces. City and government officials or private investors should take notice!

Scintilla’s bold, gnarly and violent show of household textiles in Spark Design Space and Shoplifter’s psycadelic overview of diverse design projects, often collaborative, various objects, accessories and clothing in the Hönnunarsafn Íslands in Garðabær driving old and classic craftmanship into the stratosphere.

Then I have to mention Krads’ utopian Lego mania, the Playtime event in Reykjavik Art Museum which will lead to spectacular things, and the Sýniletur show of fonts in the Saltfélagshús in Grandi that screamed for a bigger show next year.

What did you enjoy the most in the festival?