During last week’s fantastic DesignMarch I paid a visit to design store Kokka which specializes in kitchen utensils.

There, Chuck Mack exhibited some of his amazing wooden Food & Wine accessories.

Mr. Mack is an experienced woodworker, carpenter and designer. His beautiful prototyped table set is 15 percent larger than today’s standard table sets – for those larger-than-life people.

Many of the serving and stirring spoons are intentionally crafted over-sized (up to 50cm) so as not to get “lost in the soup”.

“I initially made one for a friend who complained to me that he could not find anything big enough to stir the giant pots of goulash that he cooks up. I liked the result enough to continue on with the concept.”

That’s what good friends are for.

At DesignMarch, Chuck Mack also exhibited a tableware set at Epal, trestles at the Best of Past DesignMarch at Aurum, as well as a desk and a bench at men’s store Karlmenn Herrafataverslun.

Images Courtesy of Chuck Mack