Visiting Aurum, a jewellery and lifestyle accessories store, is always a good idea, not only at DesignMarch. It simply never fails to enchant with its beautiful and creative designs.

For this year’s DesignMarch, the store presented two new jewellery collections, among many other things. The Fálki og Svanur (“Falcon and Swan“) collection is designed by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir. The fragile, elegant unisex collection is inspired by feathers and Icelandic birds, as the name suggests. Although falcons and swans couldn’t be more different in both behaviour and appearance, they are both prominent symbols in Icelandic culture and it is precisely that contrast what makes them so inspiring and appealing.

The second new jewellery line introduced was The Cod Collection by Kría. As the name suggests, it is the study of the form of a fish. The close connection to the Icelandic nature is designer Jóhanna Methúsalemsdóttir‘s trademark, in this case her lovely jewellery resembles Iceland’s most popular fish, the cod.

With this collection, Kría continues a theme from previous jewellery lines, which is exploring ritualism with objects collected from the shores of Iceland and North America and re-imagining artefacts in a continuing veneration of natural form and the spirituality they evoke.

Images Courtesy of Aurum and Kría Jewelry.
For Kría Jewelry, photography by Brynjar Snaer and Elisabet Davíðsdóttir, model Indía Salvör Menuez, make-up by Andrea Helgadóttir, hair by Tinna Empera Arlexdóttir