Important Answers to Important Questions

I just landed and cannot see anything but lava fields. Help.
Keflavik is located 40 kilometers or so from Reykjavik. There is a regular transfer service, see for more.

Where do I stay?
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura
Nauthólsvegur 52 – 101 Reykjavík
Telephone: +354 444 4503
Booking center:+354 444 4000

One of the oldest hotels in town, Natura is a 1960s pearl surrounded by nature designed by Gísli Vilhjálmsson. Completely renovated in 2011, Icelandic architecture and design is prominent throughout the hotel. Björgvin Snæbjörnsson, one of Iceland‘ s leading architects, was in charge of the reconstruction. The decoration is a mix between Scandinavian design classics and Icelandic furniture designed specifically for the hotel. Satt, the hotel restaurant serves wholesome, organic lunch, dinner and snacks. Sóley Natura Spa uses Sóley Organics, a collection made of wild Icelandic herbal ingredients and essential oils.

How do I get downtown?
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura is located a stone throw away from the city centre. There is a free shuttle to and from the hotel hourly between 9 AM and 11 PM. The hotel also provides bus tickets to all its guests.

What about after an opening/closing/other party?
The number for taxi is +354 588 5522 If you get lost, call Sari at +354 862 9324

Is it cold?

Is it warm?

In general, the weather changes quickly and often – be prepared for everything and anything. For the latest on weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, log on to the Icelandic Met Office at

What should I pack?
Swimming trunks, passport, phone and elf antennas. Seriously though, warm, water and windproof clothing are recommended. Bring sturdy walking shoes if you plan to explore the nature.

I don’t want to eat sheep heads or rotten shark.
Restaurant Satt at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura serves a healthy, organic breakfast of local ingredients beyond shark.

In addition, your program includes a few meals here and there. For our suggestions on what to eat and where to drink while here, log on to our blog and check out our Reykjavik Design Guide.

Ég skil ekki neitt. Hvað eru þau að segja?
Most Icelanders speak excellent English.

I need to get online.
From the airport shuttle bus to comfortable cafes to downtown clubs, most places in Reykjavik have free wi-fi.

I need more information on Icelandic horses/sea swimming/waterfalls.
Check out the English language newspaper Grapevine, Inspired by Iceland at Or the travel sites for Reykjavik and Iceland,