DesignMarch offered a great opportunity to see some Finnish design in Iceland when Design Forum Finland opened a Pop up Shop in KronKron. Our guest blogger, Finnish design aficionado Piia Susanna from Kahden Vaiheilla  dived in – here are her picks from the pop-up store:

Twelve Finnish design labels, Mirkka Metsola, Hanna Saren, Klaus Haapaniemi, With love Sanna Hopiavuori, RIIVARI, 2or+ByYAT, Kaksitvå, Mars 19, Month of Sundays, One Nordic, R/H and Teija exhibited Finnish fashion, furniture and accessories for the DesignMarch visitors.

Mirkka Metsola’s colourful leather tunic Tom from her SS13 collection Battle caught the eye immediately. Same could be said with the R/H Lucky Eye pendant, as the round eye with colours of white snow and nordic waters would not leave my sight for a second. According to the designers, Lucky Eye pendant is a luck bringer and protects the one who wears it. Klaus Haapaniemi textiles, such as shawls have fantasy and folklore inspired patterns and are made of lovely combination of soft silk and wool.

Beautiful indeed!