Seven Heaven Love Ways, the first full length film by Finnish fashion designer Paola Suhonen, known for her label IvanaHelsinki, was screened during DesignMarch at Bíó Paradís.

7 Days, 7 Nights, 7 Stories, 7 journeys, 7 ways of love. “They say, love is a seventh heaven. But who could tell, if I´m on the right way. And how long will this ride take?”

The movie is set in Texas at a desert motel, near the Mexican border. The director, Paola Suhonen, is the founder and lead designer of the Finnish fashion company Ivana HelsinkiSeven Heaven Love Ways is Suhonen’s first full-length movie. Original music is composed by Chip Taylor.


ps. Suomi PRKL!  stocks IvanaHelsinki in Reykjavik.