DesignMarch starts next week – hooray, hooray, hooray!

The exhibition Water and Earth opens in the Nordic house, featuring works by five Finnish and five Icelandic jewelry designers.
One of the partaking designers is Helga Mogensen, we hope you like her work!

Mogensen received a degree in jewellery design from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2007. In her work, she strives to capture and transform memories of places and life in general into wearable jewellery. Jewellery design is a way for Mogensen to express herself, her thoughts, and her emotions. This results in objects of power and depth.

Mogensen’s pieces spring from objects of interest, passions, fragmentary moments, and everyday life. Mogensen takes her inspiration from nature, especially her family’s cottage in Northern Iceland.

There’s no electricity at the cottage, and we just got a phone network a few
years ago. The sea comes up to the house, which is surrounded by mountains. I walk along the beach, collecting driftwood, old shoes, shellfish, and whatever the tide washes up. It’s like a gigantic flea market
where you can spend hours scouring for materials

Mogensen works the pieces herself in entirety, from notebook drafts to finished product. Frequently appearing materials include fish skin and driftwood, steel and silver.

She lives and works as a jewellery designer in Reykjavik.