Tadaa – may we present: The coolest accessory in town, the DesignMarch tote bag 2014!


According to Greipur Gislason, project manager for DesignMarch, it’s both a promotional effort and yet another chance to bring the Icelandic designers to make their mark on the festival.


The bag is by graphic designer Siggi Odds, who has worked widely in design and illustration, primarily in the music, fashion and culture industries and through ad agency Jónsson & LeMacks. His work is heavily inspired by his childhood years spent in Vancouver, Canada.

For more on him, take a look here and here.



The design of the tote bag is based on various versions of playful eyes, which Siggi thought was the most fitting icon for a design festival where people come to see new designs and designers see other designers’ work.


“Eyes are also the most eye-catching motif in my opinion, add eyes to anything and people will look back into them. People and designers especially I think see eyes in everyday things and it’s also a very simple thing to make many different versions of.”



The design was loosely inspired by Bruno Munari’s Design as Art book cover.


“There’s something magical about many variations on a theme arranged neatly, they make a nicer whole than as individual elements.”


The bag is manufactured from environmental friendly material in China with help from our friend, fashion designer Steinunn Sigurdardottir. A big thank you to her!

A limited edition of the bag is now available via Reykjavik Corner Store. Get yours now!

Ps. Take a look at last year’s bag by the wonderful Rán Flygenring here (scroll down a bit).

Images by Adriana Pacheco