The Icelandic outdoors label Cintamani offers functional clothes with a fashionable take.

The outdoor collection for women, men, children and babies includes pieces especially tailored for the challenging climate conditions of Iceland.

Cintamani introduced the collection at Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2014.

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For years, Cintamani has fused technical outerwear and fashionable garments. High quality fabrics and testing all garments extensively against the rugged Icelandic nature are Cintamani staples.


The company focuses on the use of positive colours and believe that vibrant colours inspire emotional and physical well being.


Cintamani has specific solutions for all local conditions, whether it is rain, snow, frost or storm. The materials in use include Dyntex® for Primaloft® , Nylon twill treated with a water repellent finish for down Parkas and 100% fine Merino wool in Cintamani wool underwear.

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We talked to the design team, Jan Davidson, Þóra Ragnarsdóttir, Guðbjörg Jakobsdóttir and Rún Gunnarsdóttir.

Do you see yourself more as fashion designer, textile designer or product designer?

We see ourselves as fashion designers.


What is your philosophy?

Cintamani is your attitude that leads to courage, joy and passion on your way to happiness.


What’s the parallel between the brand and the meaning of the word Cintamani (jewel of good wishes)?

The word Cintamani originates from ancient Sanskrit and means “the jewel of good wishes“. In Buddism and Hindu legend there is a tale of a magical jewel that fell from the skies and contains a force that can make all good wishes come true. Only those that are pure at heart and mind and treat nature with respect can find the stone that is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. If the stone finds its way to a deserving person it starts glowing and grants all wishes that are made. This story symbolises the challenges we face against the elements. It brings out the best in people and Cintamani aims to protect those that are on the path to seek the “stone”.


Where do you get your inspiration?

We are inspired by nature, people, fabrics, colours, museums, new technologic developments, trade shows, online research and feed back from our customers.


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Images: Cintamani Lookbook 2014
Text by Julia Schygulla