The designers behind Designers & Forests arranged the seminar and workshop EXPLORE. REFLECT. RESPOND. – Designing for small communities at DesignMarch 2014. The audience and workshop participants consisted of a mix from designers and members from communities and municipalities.
Designers & Forests was founded after the conference MAKE it Happen, held at East Iceland in September 2012.

Designers and Forests They aim to find new solutions, create awareness, communicate and talk about the situation to the world. They exhibited the results of their design practices in The Settlement Exhibition Reykjavík 871±2.

Epicenter showed samples of their work on posters and pamphlets. The graphic design students from State University of New York contributed with a broadsheet spreading knowledge about the forests and communities in Utah.
The exhibition also contained products by artisans and designers from the creative communities of MAKE, East Iceland.

Exhibit Panorama

Flooring concept ‘Blue Stain’ and the stool ‘Trio’ by Daniel Byström:DSC_5997

Daniel Byström and Kristján Kristjánsson presented the lamp collection Hollow.DSC_5999


The longboard ‘Beetle Killed’ made by the Swedish design students Fredrik Carlsson and Niclas Karlsson:DSC_6014

Jason Dilworth and Megan Urban exhibited small stories, communicating the culture and identity of Utah. They also they made this wool blanket with a storytelling motive from the region.IMG_1258


Images courtesy of Designers and Forests