Swedish designer Daniel Byström and Icelandic light designer Kristján Kristjánsson presented a new collection of lighting HOLLOW at DesignMarch 2014.


HOLLOW is a part of the exhibition Explore. Reflect. Respond. – Designing for small communities, a collaboration between designers and design students from Sweden, Iceland, New York and Utah, USA.


HOLLOW aims to explore the social and ecological approach to forests, to spread awareness, and to prompt reflection on the place of humanity in the ecosystem.


HOLLOW is an open-source design, made using craft techniques which can be locally produced.

It is one of outcomes from the initiative Designers & Forests that aims to help revitalize forests and foster healthier communities by taking a holistic view of both natural ecosystems and the design process.

Through an interdisciplinary and creative approach, Designers & Forests aims to share knowledge and engage communities in sustainable forest management and regional development.


Daniel Byström is a part of the team, who visited the State of Utah, USA in 2013 to explore and reflect about the issues in the region. The forests in western USA are affected by beetle kill and aspen die-off, partly caused by the human impact of the climate. The project linked designers from Sweden, New York, and Iceland with foresters, activists, designers, artisans, and community members in Utah. Daniel Byström has contributed in facilitating workshops and leading the process. The aim is to find new solutions, create awareness, communicate and talk about the situation to the world.


See the video of the process:


Images and video by Daniel Byström and Kristján Gunnar Kristjánsson