Design store Kraum hosts several exhibitions during DesignMarch.
Anita Hirlekar is an Icelandic fashion textile designer. Her collection consists of
8 unique looks that have a strong sense of individuality. All the textiles are
handmade by Anita, and embroidered with various threads, using wool, cotton,
and acrylic combined with shiny sequins for a glamorous touch.
In a green hollow…
…there I keep the ring, decorate mud cakes, brew coffee, receive guests.
Goldsmiths Erling Jóhannesson and Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir will be showing
their jewellery; the new, the old and work in development.
Grjótaþorpið, colouring book
Kráka Design presents colouring book drawings by Gylfi Gíslason.
Christmas tree @ Kraum
Björgvin Þorvarðarson shows a new Christmas tree that he has designed to
revive the memory of handmade trees.
On the right shelf
Ómar Másson shows shelving inspired by the shelves of Helgi Einarsson,
master furniture maker, from 1963.
Light cupboard
Covering and wrapping round the body is the focus of a new knitting line from
UTANUM by Eva Vilhelmsdóttir.

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