I was excited to hear Epal has been encouraging Icelandic designers to use aluminum for their designs and determined to go and see the outcome that is being exhibited in the Epal store, Skeifunni 6, during DesignMarch. To say the least, I was not disappointed! The products are fun, practical and have a kind of a futuristic feel due to the aluminum touch. Eyjólfur Pálsson, founder and front man of Epal, was kind enough to give us a guided tour of the exhibiton, which of course made the experience all the more intriguing.

The aluminum business cards were a favorite of mine, how cool and so 2011 are they?

The swan clocks reminded me of the swan sculptures at Aurum! They are a part of the line Stáss by designers Árný Þórarinsdóttir and Helga Guðrún Vilmundardóttir. The colorful rabbit clocks are from the same line and all made of aluminum.

(These rabbits will probably never have to fret being late, unlike the one Alice met).

This beautiful chair by designer Hörður Harðarson also caught my attention. At first glance, it seems like it’s made of wood.

But Eyjólfur showed us the chair’s secret: it’s built from aluminum! The frame is made out of a composite of aluminum and wood and bent into shape.

Pétur Tryggvi is a silver smith and used to working with much more valuable and concrete metals than aluminum. He made this amazing piece: an aluminum bowl that has been carefully worked with a hammer to acheive it’s unique quality look.

Last but not least, these practical yet fun hangers were being presented. They are also made of aluminum and the inspiration came from an old traditional poem for children. It has a dog, a horse and several other animals and comes in different sizes and colors. I am seriously considering buying one for my son’s clothes… and for my eyes to feast.

Epal will be open Saturday 26.03 11 pm – 16 am and Sunday 27.03 12 pm – 16 am.