It may be the last day of the festival, but plenty of the festival program will keep running. For the busy, the late and the hungry for more:

Shoplifter’s In The Gray Area will stay on at the Design Museum until 29.5.

SHAKE by Iceland’s Guild of Fashion Designers will be in 101 cellar until 3.4. and Steinunn Experimental until 4.4.

Scintilla’s Smash&Grab will be up for grabs at SPARK Design Space until 28.5.


Sruli Recht’s When Gravity Fails will be on until 3.4. at the Reykjavik Art Museum.


The exhibition Spáð’í Bolla will be on display at Gallery Kaolin until 31.3, Elsa Nielsen’s ORD! will stay at Listasalur IÐU until 19.4. and you will find Kvon at the National Museum until 3.4.