The good news is that the full program for DesignMarch 2011 is finally out, and you can check it here. The bad news: There are only four days and over one hundred exciting things to see and do.

I posted a few highlights of the program last week. Here are a few more events I will be sure not to miss:

Home textiles company Scintilla launches a new collection of bold and colourful home beddings at SPARK Design Space. While a lot of Icelandic design is influenced by the local nature and folklore, Scintilla’s head designer Linda Björg Arnadóttir has a fresh and different take. Wonderful!

Designer Sruli Recht’s When Gravity Fails is the largest men’s collection ever created in Iceland. The beautiful images are by talented photographer Marino Thorlacius, Recht’s studio neighbour in the old harbour of Reykjavik.

Finally, a stone’s throw from the city centre, Toppstödin, a former power station, plays host to a collective of creative professionals. There will be a lot of things going on during the festival, but the beautifully restored industrial setting alone is enough to make me pay the Topp crew a visit.

What do you plan to see during DesignMarch?