The brand new Skyr Konfekt confectionary was launched during DesignMarch. To celebrate the occasion, the designers set up shop in the old towery pavilion of a kiosk on Laekjartorg, downtown Reykjavik.


Shaped like the udder of a cow, filled with organic skyr from the Erpsstadir farm and covered with Valrhona white chocolate, the hand-made treats were created in the Farmers and Designers Project, an initiative by the Iceland Academy of the Arts that brings together the two professions to create regional, high-quality and culturally relevant products.

Crammed packed full, one had to queue or have sharp elbows to get in.

An easier option: through the window.

Have you tried it yet? The Skyr Konfekt is available at Vinberid and Fru Lauga for 350 ISK.


All photos by Valgardur Gíslason