DesignMarch: Navigation Tips for the Foreign Aesthete

Reykjavik Design March is here! Are you excited? Here at the Glamour HQ we are excited. Looking at the official program with it’s pretty pictures just gets us even hotter under the collar. But with two thirds of the team currently in the process of læra islensku, we are finding our proficiency levels somewhat lacking when it comes to deciphering the what , where and when of the events we are dying to see.

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

This is why we are grateful to the excellent publication that is the Reykjavik Grapevine, for it’s special Design March pullout which features the full schedule of all the events of the week, and a helpful map of the city with corresponding numbers to help us orient ourselves.

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

I really like maps. They make me feel like an explorer*. I especially like this one, it’s simple and functional, and free, and I can draw all over it.
To quote Miguel de Cervantes: “To be prepared is half the victory”.
My suggestion to you is to get out a sharpie and start circling. Plan your expedition with a web of arrows. Dress warm, take your camera, pack provisions, or at least allocate yourself snack breaks at the various venues.
Forge ahead, intrepid reader. Go forth and discover new worlds.

– Sahra

*which in turn justifies all manner of silly hats.