The book Discover the body by Halla Sigga is a three dimensional, 3D-printed textbook about the body for blind and visually impaired children aged 6 to 8.

The book is divided up into layers of the body: the first is the skin, next the muscle, bone and inner organs. In the back cover, there are miniature dolls that help illustrate the content.
The left page text is white on a dark background to make it easier for the visually impaired to read the text.
Child flips to a page, reads the text, gets information about the body and a question or a task related to it. Under a three-dimensional replica hides the answer.

The letters are raised 0.4 mm so the blind have a chance to feel them to.
Headings are in Pill Gothic 300 mg, 30 points chosen because there is a clear hight difference in the letters, for example between l and me, while descriptions are in Tahoma 14 points with a 23-point line spacing because it is the most popular font among visually impaired children in Iceland.
On the right page is the braille text as it is easier for the blind if it is close to the replicas.The page edges are the profile of each topic for each spread. The patterns on the pages is designed from topic of each page if it were viewed under a microscope.

There is a shortage in teaching material with pictures for the blind.
We all need pictures to explain the world around us and the blind are
no exception.

When I made the decision to make teaching materials for the blind and visually impaired it was clear that I needed to learn how the blind and visually impaired to see and feel the world. Try to understand the way they interpret imagery and work from there. After reading a lot about the subject, talking to blind children, producers to tactile books, the staff of the National Istitute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Defblind and scholars in the field.
I saw that I had limited myself in terms of fonts, color schemes and topic.
When it came to finding a way to make the book. I decided to take
a new approach and print the book in a and three-dimensional printer.

The text is based on the textbook Come and view the body by Gunnhildur Oskarsdottir and Ragnheidur Hermannsdottir.

Here are a few images of the 3D-printed prototype:

Here is a video explaining the project:

Halla Sigga (1980) has studied both in Florence in Lorenzo de´Medici and in the Icelandic Academy of Arts and worked ie. an art teacher, illustrator, graphic designer.

For more beautiful work by Halla Sigga, take a look at her website here.

Discover the Body is currently exhibited at the National Museum of Iceland. Hurry up – the show closes after the weekend!