Hi there, how are you all?

We are currently amidst the competition process to select our 2014 festival identity for DesignMarch – stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we keep an eye on all the other local festivals and their identities, and want to share them with you, too.

Reykjavik International Film Festival kicks off in just a few days (see here for their ADC*E awarded identity from a while back).


We asked the festival organizers about the importance the identity for RIFF. According to Gunnar Hjálmarsson, the festival identity has to tick several boxes.

Firstly, we need to show people that this is an art festival. The imagery needs to be elegant and abstract.

But secondly, we also want to appeal to the general moviegoer so we also like to show faces and people (the poster features the front row of Icelandic film industry as models – along with a puffin).

The puffin represents our third aspect. We need to show our foreign guests that even though RIFF is small and quirky like everything that comes from Iceland, it is also international and ready to spread its wings and fly. The puffin is the perfect representation of that. Sometimes this has been done by having a piece of film in the artwork.

And here, another take:


The graphic design is done by Bjarney Hinriksdóttir.

RIFF celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It was the perfect opportunity for a party set-up in the visual identity.

There were several brainstorm meetings with the RIFF creative team, lead by Otto Tynes. The outcome was to give a life to the puffin so he could be the center of his own celebration.

We created his character, a sympathetic and elegant party animal that enjoys the attention, likes a drink or two and smokes cigars in good company of other important people in the film business.

Now the question was how we would bring him to live.

We got puppet maker Guðmundur Þór Kárason on board and decided to make a clay-puffin-head with different expressions. Then, we called together a group of well-known actors and directors and threw a party at Hotel Borg.

Guðmundur shot the photos, too.

Hinriksdóttir also designed an anniversary logo that features the puffin in a birthday suit, with a colourful birthday beak and the number 10.

Hinriksdóttir also designed the layout of the identity with an orange ribbon that represents a celebration.




For more information on the festival, see here – see you at the cinema!


Images courtesy of RIFF