Tonight is all about Iceland, after the busy day of talks at Designboost Icelandic design is hosting it’s own reception, the room is full of a fairly international and mixed crowd there are drinks flowing, freshly prepared nibbling and the promise of dinner in the room just beyond my view!

Conversation gets deep over the volcanic sticky notepads.

I’ve been having a great chat about the stalemate of design which tries to do everything with Agnes Fries of co.creative and with all this talk of the benefits of no design history, a clean slate – we tried to find the positives with having the history. Surely it can’t all be a burden. The only real conclusion made over our palm tree party glasses, is linked to the niche. If you have a history in one thing be it beautiful chairs or clean ceramics then at least you have the option to go with it, to do one thing really well – but then you can’t mess around. With one thing you really do have to find what the essence of that thing is, and do it bloody well. We reverted to the conclusion, that there is less pressure and way more optimism to have the clean sheet!

Away from the chit chat of the party I grabbed experience design student Stina Wessman to sum up her thoughts on design, and given the context she insisted on Icelandic design…naturally!

Stina’s video