Here is more Sruli Recht – did you see the fantastic collection Concentrated that we posted about yesterday?


The collection features one more item that is definitely interesting, without doubt unique: Forget Me Knot. In a documented one-time surgery-performance (that you can see here), a plastic surgeon removed a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from the abdomen of Sruli Recht.

Yes, you read correctly.

After the procedure, the subcutaneous tissue and epidermis was scraped from the dermis, stripped of fat by hand and blade, then salted and tanned with an Alum solution. The resulting leather from the dermis was prepared for use in the ring, Forget Me Knot. Mounted to a 24 carat gold band, only one item will be made.


This piece is presented as part of the new collection of Sruli Recht for Autumn and Winter 2013/14, Concentrated. It comes with a DNA certificate and a complete DVD documentary of the process, surgery and interviews with the involved team, and for € 350 000, it can be yours.

Interesting – even if typing the method description made me gag. But then, I have a feeling Recht wouldn’t mind. While Forget Me Knot is certainly a show stopper with shock value, it also raises deeper thoughts about material use, our ideas of beauty and taboos in our society.

Sruli Recht has pushed the boundaries in material usage (shoes made from foreskin of a whale, anyone?) and men’s fashion for years, and while Forget Me Knot is certainly a surprising addition to the Icelandic design saga, the one unsurprising thing about it is that of all people, it was Recht who made it.
What do you think?



 Images and film courtesy of Sruli Recht

Photographer Marino Thorlacius

Editor  Stefanía Thors

Sound Helgi Svavar Helgason

Cameras Rúnar Ingi, Þórsteinn Magnússon