This week, we are in the royal wedding spirit. Art student Lukka Sigurdardóttir’s dress-cake-creation has been interpreted as a wedding dress all over the blogosphere – talk about a cream cake dress!

Sigurdardóttir wasn’t hearing wedding bells in her head when planning this project, though. To her, the work represented “the complexity that lives within inside us all,” under the seemingly simple surface. The white icing covers a surprise – a colourful chequered cake in four flavours:

– dark (licorice)
– yellow (coconut)
– red (strawberry)
– blue (blueberry)

Over one metre tall, the cake took 7 hours to bake.

I suspect Kate will be keeping the cake and the dress separate today.
Congratulations to the newly weds and happy Friday!


Photos by G. Dagbjört Gudmundsdóttir/courtesy of Lukka Sigurdardóttir