It’s Friday!
Here is a little eye candy to start off the weekend:

Kristjana S. Williams is a London-based Icelandic illustrator.

Growing up in Iceland has been the real inspiration for my work. When I was growing up I found nature there stark and unforgiving; I never saw trees or colourful butterflies or wild flowers – everything seemed grey.

Now I feel the complete opposite, the colours and the landscape are like nowhere else in the world.

Here is how Kristjana described her work for We Heart:

My work is essentially hundreds and often thousands of layers of collage. Each project starts with trips to museums, art reference libraries, collecting found items, picture taking and sketching – building up and constructing the image and individual elements. Very often part way through this process, a whole new set of ideas is born; altering the direction completely.

Kristjana currently also has a show running at Outline Editions Gallery.

Images are courtesy of Kristjana S. Williams