Performance artist Kitty Von-Sometime, also known for The Weird Girl’s Project collaborates with Icelandic band Árstíðir in her latest art film; “Opus/You Again”.  Kitty portrays a lovesick valentine in here most personal and powerful piece yet, it is above all a heartfelt message to her wife.
Filmed on the glacier, Langjökull, the film features Kitty in a frozen blue bodice, with a dress trail resembling icy snowflakes, a 1920’s headpiece crafted with krona coins, and a 160-kilo ice sculpture with a lamb’s heart frozen inside. This project was far from simple. The costume design was created by the talented Fiona Cribben and she explains how it was working so closely with this ambitious project:
“The thing is there was not much budget for it, but Kitty asked me and at this time in her life, she needed my help, so I gave it to her as a gift. It was sort of like making her wedding dress in a way”
Fiona relying on creative ways to make a low budget costume, found materials from Kitty’s old costumes, ripped them and recreated a new fabric to make the dress by using a fabric manipulation technique.
   “I frayed every single piece and hand sewed them on top of each other. I love to change fabrics into something else..I knew we were going to be on a glacier so the blue was perfect”
The financial struggle in Iceland came as an inspiration to Fiona to make the bodice and head piece out of one krona coins, 1.500 of them to be more exact. And the final result was no less than striking. Finally the long but rewarding process was described amusingly by Fiona as making ‘Haute Couture on No budget’.
See the stunning film here:

OPUS / YOU AGAIN from Kitty Von-Sometime on Vimeo.

To see more, have a look at the behind the scenes video made by Tanja Lukic:

Making of OPUS/You Again from Kitty Von-Sometime on Vimeo.

Photography by Jeaneen Lund