Happy Friday everybody!

While we usually focus on works by Icelandic designers, this Friday we wanted to share a beautiful project by a Polish architecture practice Moo Moo, enjoy!



The house respects surrounding landscape – sides directed to the stunning views are fully glazed and other 2 walls are almost fully covered, which allows the inhabitants to hide from neighbors and have privacy.

The main idea of the project is terrace wall which was pulled from the house and bended in a way that it looks like it came out from the landscape.

The glazing on the both sides of the house are sliding, so during the warmer season they can be folded, so the terrace makes the continuation of the area of the house. This manipulation of the shape of the house blur the border between the house and the surrounding area.

While the exterior is plain white, the interior has an accents of birch wood. The plan divides the house into 4 main zones – garage area, master bedroom area, children area and living area.





The living area zone there features a sofa and a sliding cabinet with TV. There is also a kitchen with a 85 cm height desk on one wall and full-height cabinet on the other side.
The living area is full of natural light thanks to the glazing in the walls and additional, two huge skylights that makes the impression that it is set in the landscape, not inside the house.





Images and information courtesy of Moo Moo