Sailors, a-hoy!
Something fishy for this Friday:


Dan Watson, product design engineer, recently graduated from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London, with an innovative final product that could become essential in Iceland.



Every year, fishermen return over 7 million tonnes of unmarketable fish, dead, to the sea. The problem is that many current fishing techniques are not selective, leading to juvenile and endangered fish being caught along with more marketable ones.

The SafetyNet is a new trawling system that cuts down on the catch and subsequent discarding of juvenile and endangered fish. By exploiting fish behavioral habits and physiology the trawl separates different species and ages of fish.



Circular “escape rings” permit small fish to escape. The rings are illuminated to make the exits more visible. Two models, one battery-powered, the other self-charging off the flow of water, are capable of snapping onto existing mesh nets.

Using the SafetyNet system, the fishing industry can become more sustainable. This will give security not only to the 40% of the world’s population who rely on fish as their primary food source, but also to the fishermen within the industry itself.



How about it, HB Grandi?