DesignMarch is upon us, so this week’s candy bag is full of tasty designs from next week’s program – verði ykkur að góðu!*

Available at KIOSK, HönnunarMarsipan is colorful liquorice by designers Arna Rút Thórleifsdóttir and Rán Flygenring and produced by candy factory Sambó.

Design studio HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson will present its first collection at GK Reykjavik. Snack on some Slim Chips, beautifully coloured edible paper in the shape and package of crisps with mint, wasabi, cheddar or blueberry flavor.

A collaboration between designers and dairy farm Erpsstadir, skyr treat Skyrkonfekt will be launched during DesignMarch. The handmade confectionary is coated with Valhorna white chocolate and filled with skyr, yum! For more details on the project, check out The Reykjavik Grapevine’s take.

For more delights, pop by the Nordic House ceramics exhibition Sheepheads and Soda, head to the National Opera’s Tea Party on 26.3. at 3 pm, or, if tea is not your cup, Kaffibíllinn serves up speciality coffees straight from the van during the festival.

Happy Friday!

*Bon Appetit or Enjoy! as they say, in Icelandic.