Attention all happy campers!

Here is something smart for the ones who want to travel really light:

Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz is an all-in-one backpack, jacket and tent.

It features a jacket made of Cordura for durability and stability. The entire jacket cocoon can be made into a bag to ease the transport.





The tent or “cocoon” folds around the back to provide support when not in use. The arms of the jacket become the anchors that tie off the bag when not camping. It can be collapsed down into a compact sling bag as well.



The cocoon is about 90% opaque to keep the light out. On the door is a 1in strip of mesh to allow the person inside a clear view out.



The colors (blue and brown) were chosen for their unobtrusive tones – unassumingly blending in both indoors and out.



While this may not be recommended equipment for a hardcore hike, it is a handy something for the modern folks. As Gargasz explains:

Individuals feel the need to escape interactions in their environment everyday. Whether it be interactions with excessive technology or other people, this psychological and physical need to get away is where I began my investigation.
A physical as well as psychological escape is achieved when the user has the option to efficiently get away from inside of building and come back when ever they choose. I focused on expandable clothing for concept exploration.


Images Courtesy of Justin Gargasz