In the Icelandic folklore, thirteen Christmas Lads – sons of ogres Grýla and Leppalúði – come to town from the mountains one by one, starting 13 days before Christmas, performing all sorts of mischief. The local Christmas stories also feature the evil Christmas Cat that eats naughty children and the red-headed whale that sank boats on open seas until it was banished to lake Hvalvatn as a punishment.


This year, several of them hiding in downtown Reykjavik in a project set up by the City of Reykjavik. The 3D-illustrations are by Gunnar Karlsson and the concept by HAF by Hafsteinn Júliusson.

What a wonderful way to bring the tradition alive in the urban setting!


It is also a game  – just pick up a map from one of the downtown shops or download it here, find the creatures and you are set. You can still make it – the deadline is on December 20. Good luck and and happy holidays!