Designed by Basalt Arkitektar and completed in 2010, The Hofsós municipal swimming pool is a delicately integrated into the landscape, cutting itself into the site and opening up towards the view of the ocean and the island of drangey.


In the Icelandic sagas, outlaw Grettir the Strong took refuge in The Drangey island. Not equipped with a boat, he had to swim to it across the icy cold fjord. When in the infinity pool, the swimmers will get to re-live Grettir’s swim – though safely in the lukewarm Icelandic geothermal water.

the building and the landfill against the gables creates protection against both the strong northern wind as well as from disturbance from the road and the surrounding village.


The main construction of the building is in situ cast concrete, clad with industrial glazing elements.

The industrial glazing is translucent, allowing daylight to flood through but without being transparent to create a cozy atmosphere in the changing rooms.


icelandic hand-made stones are used as flooring. the exterior lighting is minimized to experience the stars and northern lights which are frequent in this area during wintertime.

The building complex contains changing facilities, swimming pool and two jacuzzis.

The pool has been awarded the concrete award 2011, the architecture prize of DV Newspaper 2011 and nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2010.

Fancy a dip?
The Hofsós pool is located a few hours’ drive from Reykjavik – a bit too far for a day trip but a perfect pit stop when exploring the North of Iceland. From Reykjavik, head north along road number one, turn left (north) onto road number 76 and again left to Hofsós. The pool is located in the centre of the village, hiding right by the fjord side.
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Photographs courtesy of Basalt Arkitektar
Photographers Rafn Sigurbjörnsson and Guðmundur Benediktsson