Just a couple more days to Airwaves! While waiting for the fun to start, we asked some of our music-savvy designers for tips to what to see. Here are graphic designer Alli Metal’s picks from the line-up:

Agent Fresco

Genre: Alternative Rock

One of the best live bands I have ever seen. Crazy vocals mixed with sometimes chaotic but excellent music performance.



Genre: Death Metal

Death Metal with hardcore female growling,.. and no, she’s not using any vocal effects.



Genre: Mixed progressive rock, indie, Icelandic folk music

This band makes me think of Icelandic nature, mountains and elfs. Beautiful vocals and flowing strings.



Genre: Heavy Metal

Excellent vocals, drums, bass and guitar solos wrapped nicely in Icelandic. Check it out !


Endless Dark

Genre: Post-hardoce

They are young, tattoed, energetic and headbang alot. Your first impression could be, “American, yeah”,.. but no, Icelandic. They have a really nice developed style in spite of their young age.



Genre: Experimental – Electronic

Just go and float in an electronic soundscape with keyboards, synths and strings.


Alli Metall is a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator from Reykjavík, Iceland. See more of his work here.

Images courtesy of Alli Metal