Iceland Airwaves is upon us, hooray!

We asked some of our music-savvy designers for tips to what to see. Here are fashion designer Helga Lilja’s picks from the line-up:


Yo La Tengo

I will be sure not to miss out on Yo La Tengo, I have listened to them since I was 18 or 19 years old. I saw them once at Roskilde festival and loved the concert so much, a friend of mine got to choose her favourite song and they were so intimate and lovely. Seeing them at Airwaves will be another great experience. 23:30


Prins Pólo

For some reason I have always missed out on concerts with them. It will be a lot of fun, I always laugh a lot when I listen to that music, great jokers.


Gluteus Maximus

I highly recommend Gluteus Maximus. It is a DJ duo that is sure to be a really nice surprise to you. They had the craziest act on Sonar this year….I will not say any more but go see them!


Helicopter is a  high-street label from Reykjavík with focus on comfortability and individual style. The clothes, being very minimalistic in colorcombinations and shapes, give a good possibility for accessorizing and making the garment your own.

Helga Lilja, the designer of helicopter, graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2006. She worked as an assistant designer for one of Icelands biggest clothing brands Nikita for three years.

Images courtesy of Helicopter