Opening of the Fair 7.2.

Early morning press rolling in, lots of talk positivity and laughs, Icelandic designers eager to communicate the concept and production!

The origin of our product – the fact that we are a population of 300.000 and we have a vibrant design scenic – was the focus of many discussion and loads of interest in the products.




The fair is amazing with its uncountable booths of al sizes and shapes, free coffees, booze and caned hotdogs! Colors are everywhere, but the there is no denying it … PASTEL IS BACK BIG TIME!



Breathtaking colors and mixes!

And some companies hit near perfection – we want to express our deep design-love to Hay Copenhagen.

Don’t you think they just know their thing? Simply outstanding – we love them!!





Some pictures of more fun designs, and pasteliced awesomeness.




The Icelandic prime minister visits the Icelandic stand 08.02.

At 1 PM, the prime minister of Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir came to visit our stand!

She and her lovely wife were a very welcomed addition to the “FROM ICELAND” stand. Really cool that they took the time from their otherwise packed agenda to take a look at our designs.



Then, we were off to the Danish Louis Poulsen unvealing of a new new lamp by the designer Louise Campbell, drink and meeting some more interesting people!


Over and out,

Árný og Helga


Images courtesy of Stáss