Hekla lamp was designed by Petur B Luthersson and Jón Ólafsson in 1962.

Ólafsson and Luthersson were studying in Copenhagen in 1962, when they heard about a competition to design a lamp.

Ólafsson and Luthersson decided immediately to partake. Their idea combined good lighting to flat packaging that allowed  easy transport.

They built the first model in thick paper, finding creative ways to cut the paperboard. The final lamp resembles the original protoypes very closely.

Hekla won the competition. Ólafsson and Luthersson also received the 3rd prize for another lamp design.

Hekla was taken in production by Fog & Mörup. First lamps were hung in the store windows in early 1964.

Here are a few images of the first Heklas.

Only 15 000 Hekla lamps were produced in total. While it is currently not in production, restarting production is being considered.

Hekla was recently photographed for the beautiful Invercote brochure to celebrate the paper that is produced by Iggesund Paperboard since 1963.


Images by Petur Luthersson and Rolf Anderson, Bildbolaget for Iggesund