Designers Katrin Olina and Garðar Eyjólfsson have collaborated to create a set of tables that they showed during DesignMarch 2013.

Part of 13Al+, a Nordic collaboration between designers and manufacturers which explores new possibilities in design and production of items from icelandic aluminum and promotes Nordic exchange of skills and expertise.

The tables which are 100% aluminum are created using distinct methods, sand casting and laser cutting. The designers’ goal was to experiment with the material and explore it’s different aspects, rawness and precision in a piece of furniture.


Katrín Ólína was born in Iceland. She studied Industrial Design at E.S.D.I in Paris, and worked in the studios of Philippe Starck and Ross Lovegrove, and in collaboration with Michael Young, before setting up on her own. Katrín’s work is cross-disciplinary, combining illustration, interiors, animation and product design. Her work revolves around imagined worlds and the stories that take place within them. These fictional spaces appear to have their own natural order and momentum, and remind us of myths and dreams. Her work has been exhibited internationally, published in most of the major design publications and won numerous awards. Her clients have included Nokia, 3M, Corian(R), Swedese, 100% Design Tokyo, Rosenthal, Ritzenhoff, Montreux Jazz Festival, Reykjavik Art Festival and Nordisk Panorama.


Garðar Eyjólfsson graduated as a Product Designer (B.A. Honours) from Central Saint Martins in 2009 and completed his masters in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Eyjólfsson currently holds the position of adjunct in the product design department of the Icelandic Academy of Arts. Gardar Eyjólfsson is the project manager of Al13 from the icelandic side.


Images courtesy of the designers