Katuaq is the Nordic culture house in nuuk Greenland. Opened in 1997, it houses a popular café, a concert hall and Napa. There are also regular exhibitions, cinema screenings and conferences.


The original idea of the location was by the waterfront, as sea plays an important role in the life of the Greenlanders. But the suitable locations were all protected, so the building rose in the centre of the city instead.


The Danish architecture agency Schmidt, Hammer &Lassen won the Nordic competition on the design of the building.
The bending facade is inspired by the northern lights.
For more on Katuaq, get your hands on a copy of Katuaq 1997-2007, a book that was published to celebrate the first ten years of the building, published by Katuaq’s friends and Milik publishing.


Photographer: Adriana Pacheco
Sources: Katuaq 1997-2007