Hey, we know what you’ve been up to and we’ve been quiet for a while, but we can’t wait anymore!

Kiss n’Tell is a series of sneak peeks that will reveal what you can see in the upcoming festival DesignMarch 2015.
The greatest artists, the coolest projects for three days in a roll.

Don’t faint just yet. For now, we just want you to get anxiously excited, so check this one – Tinna Gunnarsdottir and wait for more sneak peeks. See you in March!

Kiss n'Tell | Tinna Gunnarsdottir from Iceland Design Centre on Vimeo.

Tinna Gunnarsdottir will hold a workshop exhibition and housewarming party at Englaborg where the objects made for the Research project The Agency of Product Design in Wild Terrain will be exhibited for the first time.

The study investigates the possibility of dwelling in Iceland’s vast areas of wild and semi-wild terrain through the lens of product design. Specifically, it attempts to enrich the experience of dwelling in these areas through product design interventions while maintaining minimal impact on the environment.

Many thanks to Tinna Gunnarsdottir.