Klettur is an outdoor bench designed by architect Hildur Steinþórsdóttir and product designer Rúna Thors.

It is produced by the local concrete factory Steypustöðin.



According to the designers,

The aim was to design a bench exploring possibilites of concrete in urban furniture. Utilizing the production possibilities of Fab Lab, a digital fabrication facility, a technique combining the elements of textile and concrete was developed. Concrete is an ideal material for an outdoor bench, not only because of its ability to take any kind of shape and texture, but also because it can withstand all types of weather. Because of its weight it will neither be moved by wind nor vandals.


According to the designers,

The goal was to produce a quality design in such a price category that local communities can afford it.


The bench costs ISK 130 000 (approximately EUR 816).

The bench weighs 611 kg, but due to the clever design of the legs it can be placed on soil without it sinking into the ground.


It has two sitting possibilities, and therefore has neither a front nor a back-side. The ergonomy was developed with physiotherapist Arna Steinarsdóttir.

web-binna og dýra


The shape of the bench is designed so as to shed rainwater from all surfaces. During the design stage, elements of Icelandic mountains served as inspiration. Due to its dominant horizontal lines and low back the bench blends well into urban scenery.


The possibility of producing a complex shape in concrete has been facilitated by FabLab in Sauðárkrókur, where the prototype was made. A fiberglass mould was then built by a boat builder in Hellissandur.

web-klettur steypumót innanverðu

The bench Klettur is cast in one piece. This eliminates problems with junctions where water can accumulate.

web-klettur steypumót fram

To achieve a textile-like surface on the concrete a special textile was developed in collaboration with students from the Textile department of The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts.

The chosen design was made by Agnes Geirdal, Anna María H. Sigmundsdóttir and Stefanía Helga Bjarnadóttir, working from images of Icelandic vegetation. The objective was to obtain an interesting surface texture which would create a warm effect in the cold concrete. This further served to make a connection with nature.

web-Klettur textíláferð á steypu

Klettur (150 x 77x 74cm) is currently being manufactured by Steypustöðin.



Images courtesy of Rúna Thors