Open The Tower is a collection of a total of 676 models in scale 1:1000 by the Eurohigh design studio.

Led by architect, professor Winy Maas (who visited us in DesignMarch 2011), Alexander Sverdlov and Ania Molenda of The Why Factory in collaboration with KRADS and supported by Lego and Arup, Eurohigh design studio looks at the way skyscrapers could be designed and how they could translate the horizontal dimension of the city to a vertical one.

Open The Tower is an outcome of a 2-month-long research period on the ultimate European skyscraper.

The models are presented in a grid of 26 linear iterations in Oostserre (Tu Delft Faculty of Architecture), Rotterdam.

The extensive catalogue of possibilities will serve as the first step to a more precise parametrization of the process of modeling eight European skyscrapers in scale 1:100.

The work continues until January 20, 2012 and will be exhibited in Oosterre until February 2012.