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Awesome news from the Icelandic graphic design scene: The typeface L10 by GUNMAD, a graphic design studio consisting of Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse is an essential part of the new identity for the Sundance Film Festival  2015 Identity.

The typeface L10 was originally designed for the LungA anniversary book 2010 and received the FÍT price for “Best typeface” that year. For the Sundance Film Festival identity, the font was modified slightly according to the wishes of Mother, a New York based design agency that designed the identity.


Here are a few samples of the Sundance Identity:


MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_1 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_2 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_3 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_4 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_5 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_6 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_7 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_8 MotherDesign_SundanceFilmFestival_9

Originally drawn in bold only, the typeface is due to be released as a full family at Or Type.

Visuals Courtesy of Or Type and Mother