Last Friday, we popped by 1919 for the launch of new fashion label ELLA by Elinrós Lindal.

At ELLA, less is more – their slow fashion concept puts emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

– Slow Fashion is all about designing, producing, consuming and living better. Designers, buyers, retailers and consumers are more aware of the impacts of the products on workers, communities and ecosystems, Elinrós Lindal says.

ELLA will not follow the traditional fashion seasons, but new items will be released regularly.
– The collection from ELLA is based on the principle that clothes should be made well enough to last beyond a season and that style will always surpass fads. With uncompromising care put to tailoring and selecting the fabrics, each piece from ELLA presents a favourite item in the wardrobe, Lindal says.

Feminine, simple, wearable, wonderful!

Available online at and at KronKron in Reykjavik, starting on Saturday.