Last Saturday the 3rd year students at Listaháskóli Íslands finally opened the doors to their graduation exhibition in Hafnarhúsið. It’s open everyday 10-17 (Thursdays 10-20) until May 8th.

It was seriously crowded, as expected… but I still managed to see almost everything I wanted to see. Although yesterday I realized that I accidentally skipped one of the exhibition rooms…oops! But, yes, I went back today to see what I missed and it was actually one of my favorite rooms (the one next to the Erró exhibition).

Lets take a look what this years students had to offer;

the architect students had to choose one of three lots on which to design a dance center. Below Alba Solís:

Above Alba Solís, below Yngvi Karl Sigurjónsson

Below, Herborg Árnadóttir with her design

There were so many more that were good, you should go take a look!

The product design offerings I of course found really interesting, since that is what I’m studying.  The students had free rein with their projects so it was really versatile. Below is a little bit about everyone’s projects.

Below, a football goal called mark/mið or goal/aim by Friðrik Steinn Friðriksson. He wanted to explore what effect changing the shape of the goal has on the game. The form of the goal is based on the pattern of the ball, heightening the interplay between the two. I think this football goal looks so much cooler then the normal ones!

Almar Alfreðsson designed geometrical toys called Hugföng or Mindtools. The toys are inspired by Almar’s childhood which was defined by Star Wars and superheroes. His setup at the museum looked really nice, I loved the mirrors!

Image courtesy of Almar Alfreðsson

Image courtesy of Almar Alfreðsson

Helga R. Jósepsdóttir Designed Bubblumublur, small radiators for outside use which draw heat from under the ground up to the surface to create a field of hot springs for humans.


Blátt Blóð/Blue Blood is a porcelain dining set with surfaces made from silver by Inga Dóra Jóhannesdóttir. The dining set is inspired by royalty, who served their served and dined from silver to eliminate bacteria. This could lead to the royalty getting a slightly blueish skin color.

Sigríður Þóra Árdal project is called Flow & Company. It is a world of flowing forms where anything is possible. Colorful creatures open the gate to a mysterious world.


Lovísa, Munda and Veiga are storage shelves that have been personified by giving them hand and feet. I really like these. They would be perfect in a kids’ room to keep their favorite toys or books. I’m such a sucker for everything made from wood. The shelves are designed by Silja Ósk Þórðardóttir.

Tinna Jóhannsdóttir designed a light called Hvörf/Solstices that shows the movement of the sun through a whole year. The light decreases and increases in opposition to the movement of the sun. It is such a beautiful idea.

I love lamps and lighting, so I fell in love with Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir graduation project. Light for Gunnhildur is inspired by the story of Gunnhildur Eyþórsdóttir who moved to Cairo in 1945 as a young woman and had to adjust to a completely different culture. I always to see porcelain object that would normally be made from a different material.

This is all for now, more coming in a couple of days!