This year’s DesignMarch festival identity (by Jónas Valtysson and Ármann Agnarsson) features a real wooden grid that forms the letters “HönnunarMars” (Icelandic for DesignMarch). Made from pine by designer Hlynur Axelsson, the grid, some 475 x 350 x 45 cm in size was then photographed by Marino Thorlacius in several locations around Reykjavik.

– DesignMarch is like an empty canvas set up for the local designers to draw on, designers Valtysson and Agnarsson say.

The structure was then torn apart and four letters were handed over to four different designers and design teams to work on. We have been sharing one letter a week, and are proud to introduce the third letter, M by Mundi.

The designer explains his work here – it is in Icelandic, though, so it may just raise more questions…

Photographer: Marino Thorlacius