Combine bespoke interior design with Icelandic art, furniture and product design, and you have Mengi Apartments. Operated by and connected to Mengi, a collective of artists running an art store and hosting art exhibitions.

Mengi Apartments opened in the Spring of 2014 in the heart of Reykjavik. The three apartments are available for rent, for more information, see here.



The apartments are designed by sisters Elísabet Jónsdóttir (designer) and Hrafnhildur Jónsdóttir (architect).



The design aesthetic behind the apartment’s interior celebrates Iceland’s finest contemporary artists, connected to this site and Mengi.


Each apartment comes with a record player accompanied with records from Icelandic musicians, giving the visitor a chance to hear the amazing local music.



The rooms are also decorated with a few pieces from design store VOLKI, operated and designed by Elísabet herself along with Olga Hrafnsdóttir. The pieces are modern and quirky with a pop of color, giving the space a true Icelandic feel.




For more information on the Mengi collective, visit their site here.


Images in courtesy of Mengi Apartments