Knots, ropes, nets and floats – NET is an exhibition of design and crafts that in one way or another relates to fishing and the sea. Curated by architect Anna Leoniak, the exhibition features works by 14 designers and craftsmen, and it is (suitably) on display in the gallery space in the Reykjavik Maritime Museum. It’s a fascinating take on a very local theme in design, and definitely worth a look if you are in town. Here are a few snapshots from the exhibition, enjoy!

Here are a few of our favorites from the exhibition: Knot-piece by the Icelandic fashion label Shadow Creatures and a bench made from ropes by MÓT – Baldur Helgi Snorrason, Guðrún Harðardóttir and Katla Mariudóttir, initially for outdoors use in the Meanwhile Projects scheme by the city of Reykjavik.


This table is by Guðny Hafsteinsdóttir, whose usual material is ceramics.

The pillows in the back row are just wonderful, aren’t they? They are NotKnot by Umemi.

The exhibition runs until October 27.

Images courtesy of Handverk og Hönnun