Remember the Nordic Design Lunch we shared with you a few days ago? The event we held on the light ship Vinga together with our wonderful partners over at Design Forum Finland?

Here are the live illustrations from the lunch, cooked up by the super talented Finnish illustrator Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi. As the event went on, we kept hanging the drawings on clothes lines with clothes pegs to decorate the ship.

NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_1_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_2_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_3_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_4_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_5_web

Eili-Kaija graduated from the The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland with an MA in Graphic Design.

She works with ink, pencil and watercolors but often finishes her images digitally. Her work has appeared internationally in corporate communications, advertising, magazines and newspapers. Her clients include Fazer, Random House and WSOY.

NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_6_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_7_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_8_web

NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_9_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_10_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_11_web NDL_Eili-KaijaKuusniemi_12_web

These illustrations were all created on the spot at the Design Lunch. So beautiful, don’t you think?

Eili-Kaija lives with her husband, two children and a big white husky in Helsinki.


To see more of her work visit the Agent Pekka site.

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