Norður Salt is a flaky Icelandic sea salt, made using sustainable, geothermal methods at Karlsey Island in the Breiðafjördur bay in Western Iceland.

The traditional production method dates back to 1755.  The salt production combines the two forces of Icelandic nature: geothermal energy and the Arctic Ocean.  Nordursalt_8_LowRes


Geothermal water is lead to an evaporation tank, where the seawater gets evaporated and the salinity level increases. The salt brine is filtered, then transferred to open pans where the craftsmanship begins. Salt flakes are raked from the pans, dried using geothermal heating, and finally transfered into airtight packaging.Nordursalt_11_LowResNordursalt_15_LowResNordursalt_17_LowRes


What a wonderful local product, don’t you think?

The packaging is carefully thought out, too. The lid has a specially designed lock system and the extension of the front panel makes it possible to pick up the salt more easily. No glue is used in the package.

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Albert Muñoz, the Creative Director and Art Director says about the mermaid in the package,

We were looking for a powerful key visual for the packaging. The competition designed their identity almost exclusively using typography and geometric symbols. We wanted to do something totally different aligned with the product benefit of Norður Salt: freshness and sustainability. The salt is produced with one of the cleanest sea water in the world and uses geothermal energy to produce it.

Since this method was introduced by the Danish in Iceland in 1753, we also found it necessary to add a traditional look and feel to the identity. The packaging key visual had to be a total communication piece, working also as a logotype, as a poster, as a print ad, etc. We found out that using a traditional legendary figure like an Icelandic mermaid offering you salt fulfilled all our communication needs.

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Creative Direction and Art Direction by Albert Muñoz
Graphic Design by Þorleifur Gunnar Gislason and Siggi Ods
Illustration by Mark Summers
Product Design by Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson
Copywriting by Gísly Árnason and Huldar Breiðfjorð 
Images of production by Norður Salt
Images of packaging by Adriana Pacheco
Text by Julia Schygulla