Chocolate lovers, ahoy! Omnom Chocolate  is a new bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Iceland, whose chocolate bars are hand made in Iceland from the highest quality organic cacao beans. The only other addition is raw cane sugar and Icelandic milk that is added to milk varieties. And believe you me, the name Omnom rings true!


Omnom is a collaboration between Óskar Þórðarson, Kjartan Gíslason, Karl Viggó Vigfússon and André Úlfur Visage, who made the package design and told us about the project.

Packaging is the first visual and last physical contact a brand has with a customer and I wanted it to be a lasting one. So I decided to produce something that would add value and function to what would otherwise just be an amazing mind-blowing tasty chocolate bar.



The box represents a secret chest of happiness. The process of opening it up and the option of closing it again was important to me, in stead of a throw away wrapper. It double serves as a tray while sharing and enjoying Omnom and also a safety chest to protect the any uneaten chocolate safely and neatly.


The illustrated characters were created out of inspiration from living and traveling in Iceland between 2007 and 2011. They are both real and mythical. The original drawings were developed for a personal project in 2009, and re-visited during the development of Omnom Packaging.



We are developing a continuous adventure world of Omnom that will be added graphically to the packaging as the brand grows and expands. Our next line of bars will be out in February, keeping the same functionality of the packaging, with a new series of illustrations to go with the newly developed tastes.


Images copyright Ragnar Visage