With limited amount of raw materials available on this barren island, the local designers have often looked into their food cupboards in search of materials and inspiration. This beautiful project, Order to Effect by Audur Ösp Gudmundsdóttir and her team, pushes the field further from products towards service design.

Set in Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura‘s lovely Restaurant Satt during DesignMarch earlier this year, Order to Effect is an entirely new and innovative way to eat out: You order your dishes based on the desired effect on your body. For starters, some more energy; for a main, I’d like improved quality of sleep with lowered blood pressure on the side, and for dessert, perhaps a little boost in my immune system, please!

Here are some snapshots from the event, yummy!

Spark boð í matIMG_4680IMG_4567 IMG_4572 IMG_4706 IMG_4738 IMG_4762 Litlu strákarnir


Images Courtesy of the designers