Designer Sigga heimis has created a spectacular series of objects inspired by human organs made from glass in collaboration CMOG, Corning Museum of Glass. The collection aims to raise awareness of organ donation, and will be exhibited in Designgalleriet in Stockholm, Sweden, opening on October 30.


Corning Museum of Glass 
and Sigga Heimis have been working together since Art Basel Miami 2007. The collection currently includes giant eyeballs, hearts, brains, blood cells and more.


red black clear hearts 2

According to Sigga Heimis,

The shapes of the human organs are fluid and soft, perfect to interpret in glass. Organs are very fragile but can also be very strong, depending on circumstances – just like glass.
They are all generally the same, regardless of background, color and ethnicity and most of us can donate and receive.


The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness and discussion of organ donation. Heimis is curious to explore the ways in which design and the use of new, unexpected materials can attract attention to difficult, vulnerable issues that are not discussed enough.

No other material has the qualities and characteristics of this amazing substance that so easily catches one’s eye.  It is the perfect material to use when someone’s attention is needed.

If you are ready to receive an organ, be prepared to give one.



The exhibition opens on October 15 in Designgalleriet in Stockholm, Sweden and runs until November 15. Go see it!

Images Courtesy of Sigga Heimis